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It's no secret that dating can be an expensive activity. According to a recent US study, the average person spends over $20,000 on dating before settling down - and men spend much more than women. While this fact is unlikely to surprise anyone, it’s one of those things that doesn’t get discussed much. Romance can be expensive, and that fact isn’t… well, very romantic, is it?

Let's be honest

Jaunt.Singles is the new way to date - a place where you browse dates instead of profiles. You suggest the Jaunt, you suggest who pays, and then wait to see who responds. A Jaunt can be anything you like - a nice meal, an evening at a concert, or a night at home with a bottle of your favourite wine. Anyone can create a Jaunt (or two, or three), and anyone can bid.

So why not get started and list your dream date now? For a limited period, the site is completely free to use.

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